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17 December 2016

Calamigos Redwood Room Wedding

Calamigos Redwood Room Wedding with DJ Sota Entertainment aka West Coast Wedding DJs

Wedding Planner Stop and Stare Events
Wedding Venue Calamigos Redwood Room
Wedding Flowers Exotic Green
Wedding DJ DJ Sota Entertainment aka West Coast Wedding DJs
Wedding Photographer Elli Lauren Weddings

Bride Wedding-Calamigos-Malibu

Groom-Blue Suit-Calamigos-Redwood-Malibu

Calamigos-wedding sign

First Look-Calamigos-Malibu

Wedding-Calamigos-bride groom

blue groomsmen Wedding-Calamigos

black groomsmen

blue Wedding-Calamigos

funny Groomsmen

bridal party-Wedding-Calamigos-Malibu

Ceremony Wedding-Calamigos-Redwood-room


happy bride-Calamigos-wedding

African Wedding

ceremony Wedding-Calamigos-Redwood-Malibu

Wedding-Calamigos-Redwood-room ceremony site

wedding Calamigos-flower girl


Wedding-Calamigos-Redwood-room ceremony

Calamigos Wedding-Ceremony-Redwood-room

Wedding Recessional-Calamigos

mixed race wedding

Wedding-love Calamigos-Redwood-Malibu

mixed race wedding Couple


wedding Calamigos-Malibu-lake

Wedding-Calamigos-cocktail hour

Calamigos-Redwood-room wedding

Calamigos Ranch-Redwood-room

Calamigos-Redwood-room Malibu

Grand Entrance-Calamigos-Redwood-room


Wedding-toast Calamigos-Redwood room

wedding Dessert-table

Happy Couple-Wedding-Calamigos


African wedding Dance

First Dance-Wedding-Calamigos Ranch-Redwood-room

father dance Wedding-Calamigos

black Wedding dj

african Wedding dj


Calamigos-malibu Wedding dj

Calamigos-Wedding DJ

Calamigos-redwood room Wedding

Calamigos Wedding redwood

Calamigos-best Wedding dj

bride veil